Yoshka Sborowsky

I am a very determined player who is fully committed to my tennis project. My long term goal is to be in the TOP 100 ATP and my dream is to win Wimbledon since I am 8 years old.





Placement year


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Information on Yoshka Sborowsky

Academic achievements

School name : CNED

Graduation year : 2024

GPA : 3.6

Major : Undecided


Athletic performances

Height : 5.9 ft

Weight : 137 lb

Single ranking : 0

UTR : 11.33



Season singles win : 32
Season singles losses : 26


Season singles win : 35
Season singles losses : 25


Season singles win : 30
Season singles losses : 27

Wins twice at -2/6



What makes you different ?

I could be different because I play offensive game. I chip and charge, I often go to the net and that’s why I also love to play doubles. I’m one handed backhand and I produce a creative tennis game I would add I am always gush out, I am fast and when I lead the game I enjoy doing hot shots. I work hard to control my adrenaline, I improve my mental toughness fo being more scientist.

Why do you want to compete in college ?

It’s only in America that we could represent college’s flag. It feels like you are a patriot and you fight for your country. When I played for French team I always wanted to be flag bearer.
America is the land of opportunities, I completly agree with several quotes meaning « no pain no gain », « make efforts, deserve it, take the trophy and your house will celebrate you »… that’s America

Tennis and Life goals ?

First of all my goal in tennis is to be in the top 100 ATP, since I am 8 years old I dream to win Wimbledon. If I become a top player I would like to spend sometimes with kids, being in inspiration for youngsters would be a nice mission. I want to be proud of my family name and my family history. I am lucky because I have already been traveling all around the world and I want to keep this passion up. If I can be a professional tennis player I would enjoy to make high studies.

My goal is to be in the TOP 100 ATP and my dream is to win Wimbledon.

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