Ombeline Robilliart

I am a French lady with high objectives ! I am doing everything in order to be successful and from now I feel like it is a very good way of understanding life !





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Information on Ombeline ROBILLIART

Academic achievements

School name : Lycée Saint-Michel, Annecy

Graduation year : 2024

GPA : 3.2

Athletic performances

Height : 5’5 ft

Weight : 110 lb

Single ranking : 3/6

UTR : 7.23

Club : Tennis Club de Seynod


Season singles win : 41
Season singles losses : 24

Career singles wins : 148
Career singles losses : 77


What makes you different ?

I am a hard worker and can repeat as many time required the exercice in order to improve ! I am ready for the next level and will be the perfect teammate as I am an easy going person, always the first one to support my teammates and friends !


Why do you want to compete in college ?

It is important for me to secure a good job for my future career, I am currently not sure about my major but I will find out shortly. My Bachelor’s degree or even master’s degree will allow me to reach out to my goal. On the other side, I am passionate about tennis and don’t want to stop playing because of studying: that’s why the U.S college system is an evidence for me. 

I will make you proud of having recruited me on your team thanks to my hard work on the court and good results in class.

Tennis and Life goals ?

I am convinced that sport contributes to a good balance in life. I am the one I am because of it today, and I would like to continue this way. I see myself after college graduation as a mature student-athlete who will have earned awards and ready to start a new page by working and build my future family !

I don’t want to stop playing because of studying : that’s why the U.S college system is an evidence for me.

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