Nicolas Dispas

I am a French tennis player, training at the ALL IN ACADEMY by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the South of France. I am very familiar with the intensive training, similar to that of pros, and so I am ready to impact your team in order to win the championship !





Placement year


Year of Birth


Information on Nicolas DISPAS

Academic achievements

School name : CNED

Graduation year : 2024

GPA : 4.0

Major : Business

Athletic performances

Height : 5’9 ft

Weight : 139 lb

ITF : 512

Single ranking : 1/6

UTR : 11.39

2023 :

Winner of the ITF J60 Avignon (double)

Winner of the ITF J30 Gent (single)

Finalist of the ITF J30 Blagnac (double)

Semi finalist of the ITF J30 Blagnac (single)

2022 :

Winner of the ITF J30 Sousse (double)

Winner of the ITF J30 Honfleur (double)

Finalist of the ITF J30 Ponts de Cé (double)

Season Singles Wins : 29

Season Singles Losses : 23

Career Singles Wins : 219

Career Singles Losses : 133

Won 3 times against -2/6 and 4 times at 0


What makes you different ?

I am the hardest worker, I always give 100% of myself on and off the court. I am a passionate player who really enjoy spending a lot of time playing tennis. I am very athletic: if we compare to others of my age, I am part of the strongest. I am not the loudest but I am very sociable and very supportive to my teammates ! 


College goals ?

It is very important for me to receive the highest level of education in order to succeed in the future. The U.S College system is a perfect balance to continue my passion for tennis and have a chance to play on the tour, but also graduate to secure a job that I like.


Tennis and Life goals ?

My first goal is to become a pro tennis player and to be ATP n°1 ! I know it requires a lot of work and I am ready for it !
In the case I can’t play a pro career, then I would like to create my own Business company.


I’m ready to give it my all after working alongside professionals like Jo-Wilfried TSONGA !


The word of Nicolas DISPAS