Matis Nuziere

I am a French tennis player with high goals, who knows I need to work hard to accomplish them and ready for it ! I am a good teammate, supporting my friends, and pushing the team the right way.





Placement year


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Information on Matis NUZIERE

Academic achievements

School name : CNED Rennes France

Graduation year : 2024

GPA : 3.7

Major : Business Trading

Athletic performances

Height : 5’8 ft

Weight : 150 lb

Single ranking : 2/6

UTR : 10.11

Club : TC Dardilly Champagne


Season singles win : 29
Season singles losses : 25

Career singles wins : 214
Career singles losses : 138


Wins 1/6 and 0


What makes you different ?

I used to be part of a tennis academy in France since few years and the lifestyle is very similar of what expected in the U.S, I mean I am doing classes everyday (online and with teachers) and practicing tennis as well everyday with a personal coach who is also asking me to attend physical trainings every weeks. Thanks to it I can tell you I AM READY to impact your team right away ! I will work to prove you didn’t make the wrong choice !


Why do you want to compete in college ?

My goal is to reach out to the next level without stopping my studies and I know that the U.S College system is the only way to achieve it ! I love the culture of the meritocracy and I am ready to work hard everyday to prove I am your guy !


Tennis and Life goals ?

I still have the goal to go pro, and if it can’t happen I would like to become the best version of myself which I imagine will be the best tennis player I can be and a businessman with a strong international network.

I will work to prove you didn’t make the wrong choice !

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