Mathis Maitre

I am a French student-athlete with a big passion for tennis. I already graduated from HS and chose to make a gap year to improve and be ready for the U.S College system. I am currently training as a pro with all the staff from ALL IN ACADEMY in the south of France.





Placement year


Year of Birth


Information on Mathis Maitre

Academic achievements

School name : CNED

Graduation year : 2023

GPA : 3.0

Major : Business

Athletic performances

Height : 6’1 ft

Weight : 158 lb

Single ranking : 3/6

UTR : 9.51

Club : AGASC TC Montaleigne


Season singles win : 18
Season singles losses : 24

Career singles wins : 158
Career singles losses : 138



What makes you different ?

By asking around me how they will describe myself, I heard that I will be the perfect fit for a U.S College team thanks to my team spirit, always supporting people and enjoying life everyday. You can count on me !

Why do you want to compete in college ?

If I stay in France I have to start my undergraduate studies which will not allow me to keep a foot on the court because of the intensity of classes from 8am to 6pm. Then it is like an evidence for me to pursue my business degree in the U.S and to continue to work on the tennis court everyday !

Tennis and Life goals ?

I spent a lot of time and energy on the tennis environment and I would like to get a job after my business degree in the sport industry. My main goal is to fully accomplish myself and be happy with my family.

I heard that I will be the perfect fit for a U.S College team thanks to my team spirit.

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