Marylou Betemps

I am looking to pursue my Business master’s degree in the U.S in order to still play tennis at the high level. I am a symbol of hard work and perseverance. I am a little shy but a great member of group and a perfect teammate.





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Information on Marylou Betemps

Academic achievements

School name : INSEEC Business School

Graduation year : 2021

GPA : 3.8

Major : MBA

Athletic performances

Height : 5’2 ft

Weight : 120 lb

Single ranking : 3/6

UTR : 7.22

Club : TC La Ravoire


Season singles win : 59
Season singles losses : 22

Career singles wins : 204
Career singles losses : 120

Wins 3 times at 2/6 and once at 1/6



What makes you different ?

I’m extremely determined in everything I do, I’m young, motivated and mature. I’m currently completing my bachelor’s degree in sport business management at the age of 18. I love training and spending time on the court to keep improving, hard work is the solution, that’s my mindset. On the court, I’m very calm and don’t show my emotions, I never give up, my mentality means I won’t give up.

Why do you want to compete in college ?

For me, competing at university represents a real opportunity to train in the best possible conditions, represent my tennis team and become the best I can be at every level. Being able to continue my studies with a Master’s degree, practicing my passion as much as possible, learning English and opening up my horizons internationally is a chance I hope I won’t pass up. Being part of a team and fighting for it is an experience I hope to live and one that motivates me for my personal development.

Tennis and Life goals ?

My tennis objective is to progress as much as possible, to reach my best level thanks to perfect training conditions. I think I have a lot of room for improvement and many technical and strategic aspects of my game to develop. In terms of my studies, I’m aiming for a Master’s degree in sports marketing, management and events, if possible. I’ve already done several internships organizing international ATP 250 tennis tournaments in Geneva, and I’d like to move into tennis events and tournament organization.

I’m extremely determined in everything I do, I’m young, motivated and mature.

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