Martin Catrice

I am a passionate French tennis player, eager to play at the highest level and impact the university I will represent !
I am coming from a « tennis family », I mean we all play tennis and love this sport! I will be happy to part of your tennis family next year !





Placement year


Year of Birth


Information on Martin MATRICE

Academic achievements

School name : CNED

Graduation year : 2024

GPA : 3.2

Duo : 90

SAT : 1040

Athletic performances

Height : 5’8 ft

Weight : 132 lb

UTR : 9.73

Season Singles Wins : 45

Season Singles Losses : 31

Career Singles Wins : 136

Career Singles Losses : 83

Won at 3/6


What makes you different ?

Compare to others, I did start playing tennis competition late and since 1 year and half I was able to increase my ranking from 7 positions : very exceptional. I feel like I still have a lot to show: it is only the beginning. I am a hard worker, always motivated to do more, because I wish to become the best player I can be. I am very athletic. I also see myself as a good teammate, a little bit shy but very supportive to my teammates.

Why do you want to compete in college ?

The U.S College system is like an evidence for me. I am spending a lot of hours everyday on the tennis court beside my studies and I don’t want to have to make a choice between the two. I have heard that the college championship in the U.S is the highest one in the world and so I want to be part of that in order to change my life !


College goals ?

I would like to graduate in Business from the most prestigious U.S university possible. Tennis is my passion, but I also know that studies are necessary to succeed in life, that is why I want to pursue both at the highest possible level.


Tennis and Life goals ?

I would like to play on the pro tour, win Roland-Garros, and become the ATP n°1 !
In life, if my first tennis goal can’t go through, I would like to become a businessman and create my own company.

I want to be the best for my team and push them to the top !

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