Marie-Alix Urcun

I am a passionate tennis player who chose to leave a gap year in Irlande before enrolling in the U.S in order to improve my english level.





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Information on Marie-Alix URCUN

Academic achievements

School name : Institution Salesienne des Minimes

Graduation year : 2023

GPA : 3.4

Athletic performances

Height : 5’8 ft

Weight : 155 lb

Single ranking : 4/6

UTR : 6.22

Club : TMC 5


Season singles win : 29

Season singles losses : 24

Career singles wins : 145
Career singles losses : 87

Won at 3/6


What makes you different ?

Compare to other players, I will say that I have a strong character, and I feel like it helps me when facing issues because I handle it easier. I am a winner and I hate to lose. I will listen to your advises to develop my game and to help the team to win the championship !

Why do you want to compete in college ?

I would like to compete in college in the U.S because it is important for me to get a degree and not choosing between tennis and studies. In France, after HS graduation you have to make that choice and it is difficult when you spent almost all your life on the court and in class.

Tennis and Life goals ?

I would like to become the best version of myself. The most important for me is to not have regret and so I will work hard in class and on the field to achieve my goals. To reach the best tennis level I can and to graduate with the honors in order to enjoy life and build my own family in the future.

To reach the best tennis level I can and to graduate with the honors.

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