Manon Baudet

I am a tennis player from France, very dedicated, coachable and feeling well around people! I will contribute to make my future coach happy and proud of his team !





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Information on Manon BAUDET

Academic achievements

School name : Lycée Val de Saône Trevoux

Graduation year : 2024

GPA : 3.0

Athletic performances

Height : 5’3 ft

Weight : 115 lb

Single ranking : 4/6

UTR : 6.38

Club : Tennis Club Trevoux


Season singles win : 37
Season singles losses : 27

Career singles wins : 201
Career singles losses : 179


Wins 3 times at 3/6


What makes you different ?

People around me describes myself as « the perfect teammate », I am an easy- going lady, always smiling and happy to enjoy everything with friends. My team spirit is appreciated, I like to support my teammates because I like to receive support from them too! I really think that a united team can beat any other team !


Why do you want to compete in college ?

I want to reach the next level ! the only way to achieve my goal is to join the U.S college system that will allow me to pursue my studies and play tennis at the same time. I like Business and Architecture. I am ready to work hard to succeed and assure a great future !


Tennis and Life goals ?

It is enjoyable to know I might have a chance to live abroad, play my passion and represent my team, going to school and get an international degree ! Thanks to this experience I am confident for the future, and I will work harder every day to be the best student-athlete and get awards.

I will work harder every day to be the best student-athlete and get awards !

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