Lucas Mommessin

I am a passionate French tennis player from an early age, who works hard every day under the advice of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga’s team in order to achieve my goal : to become a pro !
Not wishing to stop studying, the American College system is the only way for me to earn a diploma while pursuing my tennis goals.





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Information on Lucas MOMMESSIN

Academic achievements

School name : CNED

Graduation year : 2024 (1 year earlier)

GPA : 3.9

Athletic performances

Height : 6’0 ft

Weight : 143 lb

Single ranking : 2/6

UTR : 10.18

ITF 2024

2023 :

Season Singles Wins : 38

Season Singles Losses : 35

Career Singles Wins : 277

Career Singles Losses : 244

Won at 1/6 and 0 this season


What makes you different ?

I realize that the only way to succeed is to work hard and give 100% of myself all the time! Moreover, I notice that the work pays and therefore I am even more motivated to do the maximum every day ! I am serious at school, my grades prove it. I am easy going and very sociable, I like my teammates to be my friends.
I am athletic, among the best in my group. I’m not a leader or a follower, I’m a happy medium.

Why do you want to compete in college ?

Too many athletes are choosing to stop studies in order to try to go pro. Too few of them succeed unfortunately. I want to succeed in Tennis and in studies, and the only way to do it is the U.S College system. I also want to discover a new culture, meet new friends and live the best experience of my life.


Tennis and Life goals ?

My first goal is to become a professional tennis player, and I know it will not be for my entire life, that’s why I also need to consider « the after ». Thanks to a diploma (I am still undecided major) probably in Business Finance, I think I could have a great job and live confortable in the future with my own family.


My goal is to become a professional player !


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