I am a 17 years old lady living in Belgium but initially from Czech Republic. I come from different culture from my parents and am very open-mind. I speak 4 languages. I love tennis and I wish to get part of a U.S college team in order to still focus on my studies and enjoy playing this sport at a high level!


Czech Republic



Placement year


Year of Birth


Information on Lola Ungerman

Academic achievements

School name : Lycee Jean Monnet, Brussels

Graduation year :  2024

GPA : 3.4

Major : Architecture / Styling / Sustainable development

Athletic performances

Height : 5’5 ft

Weight :  139 lb

Single ranking : B-15/1 (190th player)

UTR : 7.14

Club : Royal Leopold Tennis Club

Best wins in 2023:
7.01 ; 7.11 ; 7.23 ; 7.89 ; 8.04

Team competitions in Belgium (Royal Leopold Club) 2nd National League 

Team competitions in Czech Republic (TC Start Praha) 3rd National League 

Tennis Europe and ITF tournaments since 2019 (Holland, France, Czech Republic) 

Since 2021 – regular collaboration with Break Point Tennis Academy in Germany 



What makes you different ?

The way I look at the world maybe ? 

I am a 17 years old girl that lives in Belgium with my wonderful family. My father is an ex professional tennis player, my mother is a designer, my aunt is an opera singer, and me… I play tennis since young age, in combination with skiing, I love art, I play piano, I listen to music and I Iike drawing. 

For me tennis is like a concert, just imagine…the tennis court becomes my arena, where the rhythmic dance of the ball meets the determined footsteps. Each swing of the racket is not just a stroke but a lyric of my spirit, a symphony of strength that resonates beyond the boundaries of the court. 

I must carry on and finish the concert, even if the notes are not just right. 

Yet, the melody doesn’t end on the stage. Off the court, the piano is like my shelter, where my fingertips tap the keys whispering a secret language. I draw what I hear and I create   visual poetry that surpass the limits of spoken words.

I am a vibrant and cheerful 17-year-old girl, full of energy and enthusiasm. 

Why do you want to compete in college ?

I love playing tennis, but I would also like to continue studying. I am looking for a good academic university with D1 tennis team, to join as a student athlete. I could combine my passion for tennis and higher education. 

As a student-athlete, I can continue developing my skills as a tennis player, keep myself physically fit and learn managing a good balance between the academic and sport commitments. 

I would also meet new people and be part of a team. Tennis competition would keep developing my skills like resilience, discipline and perseverance. Those will be important for my future professional life, and so for our society. 

I am sure it would be an unforgettable chapter of my life to compete for a college !

Tennis and Life goals ?

Tennis will always stay in my life. It is not a goal of my life, but it is a mean how to get to them. Just now, my tennis skills are a mean of reaching to more exciting college studies abroad. Tomorrow tennis might be the mean of interacting and networking with my ex-teammates and coaches. Some may extend to life friendships and valuable connections far beyond the college years. 

I am not sure if I can name today my life goals…. They are now being build and will be still influenced by many aspects. If everything I do is true and sincere, everything will be possible. Facing challenges of any kind on the tennis court, but also in academics, contribute to personal growth and maturity.

I think will be able to reach any life goal. I just need to listen. Listen to myself, listen to others and listen to myself again.  

I am a vibrant and cheerful 17-year-old girls, full of energy and enthusiasm.

The word of Lola Ungerman