Hoan Mouret

I want to help my future team to win the championship, I am ready to impact the U.S College system and wish to achieve great things !





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Year of Birth


Information on Hoan Mouret

Academic achievements

School name : CNED

Graduation year : 2023

GPA : 3.5

Major : Business

Athletic performances

Height : 5’7 ft

Weight : 145 lb

Single ranking : 0

UTR : 11.44

Club : TC Nice Giordan


Season singles win : 37
Season singles losses : 26

Career singles wins : 300
Career singles losses : 211

Wins 9 times at 0 and 3 times at -2/6



What makes you different ?

First of all, I would say I am a determined young man and tennis player. For example, I never give up even if I have to face huge difficulties in my personal and professional life. What helps me to keep that line is that I am a very rigorous person. When I have my objectives in my mind, I will use all the skills I have to improve myself in the best way. So I am a person you can always rely on. To me, I am also a sensitive emphatic young man, which helps me to understand people around me and I think I have a good psychological approach.

Why do you want to compete in college ?

I would like to compete in an american college because first of all I want to improve myself in English of course ! It’s an international way of speaking and I can’t imagine becoming a professional tennis player without this skill. Then, I have made a lot of researches about american colleges and I have discovered that their values like team spirit are adequate with mine. I also believe I would learn a new way of learning and playing thanks the cross cultural approach they have. Of course I am very interested in discovering a new way of training and maybe also a new coaching vision.

Tennis and Life goals ?

My ultimate goal is to become an international and professional tennis player. Actually, I know tennis is competition but to my mind the most difficult competition I have to face is the competition I have to lead against myself. So I want to become the best version of myself in a tennis court. After discovering how the French federation works the first step in my professional strategy is discovering the american one and adapt myself to this new challenge, which lead meto my tennis goal. My personal goals are totally linked with my professional goals : I would like to discover new cultures as the american one and others thanks to my travels. In the future I would like to have a great family but I also have the goal to convey to my children my only passion : tennis.

My ultimate goal is to become an international and professional tennis player.

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