Erwann Bouchet

My motivation to be a champion keeps increasing day by day. I intend to give the best version of myself as a singles player and teammate. I’m determined to beat all the best players in the world, starting with the university players. If I have to start by beating all the universities with my team, I’ll do it.





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Information on Erwann Bouchet

Academic achievements

School name : CNED

Graduation year : 2024

GPA : 3.97

Major : Undecided


Athletic performances

Height : 6.2 ft

Weight : 176 lb

Single ranking : 0

UTR : 11.28


2023-2024 :

Season singles win : 33
Season singles losses : 22

Career :

Career singles win : 223
Career singles losses : 136

Wins twice 8 times at 0, 3 times at -2/6, and once at -4/6



What makes you different ?

I still have a lot of room for improvement in high-level competition. I’ve put a lot of emphasis on training over the last few years to build up a solid tennis base. While the other players were on the tennis europe circuit, I was taking a different path by training relentlessly. I’ve made steady progress in my ranking and remain determined to work hard to achieve my goals.

Why do you want to compete in college ?

University is the best option for continuing to train and compete while continuing my studies. It’s also a fabulous opportunity to play tennis in another country, strengthen my competitive experience, discover other cultures and become independent. American universities will provide me with all the material infrastructures and human support I need to reach the highest level and achieve my goals.
The university experience will enable me to learn, meet people and forge links based on the values of sport. (combining three essential themes: competition, personal development and studies).

Tennis and Life goals ?

Tennis is more than just a sport for me, it’s also a form of preparation for life and the trials we may encounter. It’s also a way of striving for excellence. For me, 3 things are essential for success: enjoyment, motivation and acceptance in difficult moments. My ultimate goal is to win all the major champions and become the best. I want to set an example for young people. My goal is to do everything I can to become the athlete I want to be and a good man, and in my work I’ve always strived for excellence.

Tennis is more than just a sport for me, it’s also a form of preparation for life and the trials we may encounter.

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