Elliot Dassel

My goal is to get a degree at an American university and combine my studies with tennis. I am a very motivated person who will do everything possible to achieve my dreams.





Placement year


Year of Birth


Information on Elliot DASSEL

Academic achievements

School name : College Saint Michel, Brussels

Graduation year : HS graduation 2022

Duolingo : 100

GPA : 2.9

Major Business Economy

Athletic performances

Single ranking : 15/1

UTR : 6.52

Height : 5’7 ft

Weight : 149 lb

Season Singles Wins : 50 %


What makes you different ?

I am interested in studying finance, economics, and business. I want to know how the world is working, this is why I think all businesses are very interesting. I also play a lot of tennis, actually I practice every day for 5 hours. I think I am a good compromise between sport and the desire to learn.


Why do you want to compete in college ?

Because I think it would be a great experience to attend classes and get to know the culture of the United states. I also think that the system of the United States is made for me, i want to be the best version of myself and I also love being in competition, it helps me to be better and to improve.


College goals ?

I would like to follow a four year program to earn a degree. I also really want to represent a university by playing tennis.


Tennis and Life goals ?

Aside from my passion to continue playing tennis seriously, I would like to work for a large corporation in business and maybe create my own companies in the future. One of my goals is to be independent as early as possible in my life.

I want to be the best and get better at competing in the US.
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