Anais Yakan

I am a very determined young lady, I know what I want and I also know that to be successful I need to work hard everyday !





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Information on Anais Yakan

Academic achievements

School name : CNED

Graduation year : 2024

GPA : 3.97

Major : Aviation

Athletic performances

Height : 5’2 ft

Weight : 105 lb

Single ranking : 2/6

UTR : 7.35

Club : Deuil USDEM Tennis


Season singles win : 27
Season singles losses : 32

Career singles wins : 256
Career singles losses : 243

Wins twice at 0 and twice at 1/6



What makes you different ?

What truly sets me apart is the unique combination of my fighting spirit and I don’t give up even in the most difficult moments. My willpower and discipline are also strong assets that enable me to get out of the batch. I also have an impeccable behavior and positivity that push me to stay focused until the end !

Why do you want to compete in college ?

Competing in college is an essential step toward realizing my dream of becoming a professional tennis player. College is the best way for me to combine my passion for tennis withmy passion for aerospace. Additionally, the combination of tennis and aerospace studies will prepare me with the discipline, problem-solving abilities, and mental fortitude necessary to excel both in the world of aerospace engineering and on the global tennis stage. It’s a dream for me to be able to pursue my studies and my sports in the country that fascinates me the most and in an environment where I can give the best of myself and evolve to go as far as possible.

Tennis and Life goals ?

My tennis goals revolve around the pursuit of a professional tennis career. I aim to break through in the competitive world of tennis, securing a spot in major tournaments and achieving a top-ranking position. Simultaneously, my life goal is to earn a degree in aerospace engineering and pursue scientific studies that I’m passionate about. I also want to become a pilot and even an astronaut if possible.

Competing in college is an essential step toward realizing my dream of becoming a professional tennis player

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