Alexis Maulouet

I am looking to pursue my master’s degree in sport management and play my 2
years left of eligibility in the best possible U.S. university. I am ready to bring my passion to my
future team in order to become the national champion!





Placement year


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Information on Alexis Maulouet

Academic achievements

School name : STAPS Lyon

Graduation year : HS in 2021 and BS in 2024

GPA : 2.6

Major : Master of Sport Management

Duolingo : 95

Athletic performances

Height : 6’3 ft

Weight : 164 lb

Single ranking : 0

UTR : 11.15

Club : TC Lyon


Season singles win : 26
Season singles losses : 21

Career singles wins : 178
Career singles losses : 85

Wins at -2/6, twice at -4/6 and once at -15



What makes you different ?

I am a very enthusiastic and hard-working person. I hate losing. Since I was very young, tennis made me grow up and taught me to never give up and fight until the end. That’s what I try to put into practice, sports in general, and in everyday life.

Why do you want to compete in college ?

I want to participate in college competitions in order to represent my university and have the opportunity to combine both study and sport. Moreover, I love taking part in university team competitions, which pushes me even further to push my limits and bring points to the team. It’s a real experience to conciliate tennis and studies while discovering a new culture and improving my English.

Tennis and Life goals ?

Tennis means a lot to me. I’ve grown up with sports since I was very young, and it taught me a lot, especially mentally. My goal would be to progress in tennis and share the team spirit. In my spare time, I love playing sports with my friends like basketball or soccer. I’m someone who loves sports in general, which is why I’ve decided to study sports management and therefore carry on working in sports management in the United States.

Tennis made me grow up and taught me to never give up and fight to the end.

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