Achille scattolin

I am a young man very serious when it comes about TENNIS. My goal is to reach the next level and I know it is all about working hard everytime and everywhere! I am ready to impact my future team and make my future coach proud of his new addition! 





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Information on Achille Scattolin

Academic achievements

School name : Lycee Plvt Saint Andre

Graduation year : 2023

GPA : 3.4

Major : Business Economy

Athletic performances

Height : 5’7 ft

Weight : 143 lb

Single ranking : 4/6

UTR : 9.48



Season singles win : 44
Season singles losses : 26

Career singles wins : 152
Career singles losses : 93

Win 5 times at 3/6



What makes you different ?

I’m going to present myself to prove to you why I m special as a player and a person.

I started playing tennis at 5. I used to play for an hour per week until I was 13 years old. At 13 I injured my arms so I couldn’t play for 2 years (I was 15/2 with approximately 50 matches in my life). Next, there was the COVID pandemic and tennis clubs were shut down. 

Once I was 16 I had regrets about not competing at a higher level and intensity. So, I began practicing 4 times a week and playing 60 matches a year. For about 2 years I observed people playing tennis and I kind of developed my game like this while also approaching every game as an underdog. All this year without playing gave me strength to go out and win games. I moved from the ranked 15/3 in September of 2021 to 10 point of 3/6 in September of 2023 without any coach. 

Since the start of the season of 2023  I joined a new club which gaves me personal preparation. I practice for twenty hours a week and also for the first time I started physical prep. 

That’s some up my history with tennis. I m 5’7, I didn’t t hit the ball really hard but I have a very good mobility, a good tennis IQ and good eyes. I am a complete player who loves to fight on the court. I think I am different because I started competition late and  I have a special game. I never give up on and off the court. I have a lot of potential to exploit. 

Why do you want to compete in college ?

I want to compete in college because it’s a great setting for me and it’s different from France. Moreover I can’t study while also playing at the higher level. I think it’s a great experience for me as a person and as a player. I can’t wait to discover a new culture and new lifestyle. I’m exciting about being here and getting to experience a new world. 

Tennis and Life goals ?

I want to know my limits in tennis and give my best in this sport. No one until me these 2 years gave me the possibility to do it. I must prove something to me and people who support me.

 Tennis is a way to become the person I want to be, to be a better person and discover who I am. I’m learning discipline, hard work and pride. My life goal in tennis is to get the higher level that I could have. My life goal is to be a better person every day. 

My life goal in tennis is to get the higher level that I could have. My life goal is to be a better person every day.

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